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Alfa Kids Stroller Review: The new Kid on the block.

Updated: Apr 7

I was lucky enough to be asked by Alfa Kids to try out their stroller and give my honest review on their travel system. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen me using the Alfa Kids Stroller many times before and you're probably wondering if it is it any good, how much does it cost and do you really need all the bits and bobs that come with the stroller?

Well, after about 3 months of using the Alfa Kids stroller, I am here to tell you the honest truth about it. Also, as a mama of 3 who has used 3 other strollers before this one, I hope you will trust that this is an honest review.

I love that ...

  • It comes in 2 beautiful colours. In charcoal and in blue.

  • The frame can be used with a reversible deluxe seat, carry cot or Maxi-cosi carseat (we use the GB with the use of special adapters which are included)

  • It has a large shopping basket and the distance between the seat and the basket is also huge especially when using a carseat. I can fit a large diaper bag and about 3 full shopping bags.

  • The handle bars are height adjustable which is great for tall people. My husband loves this. He does not have to hunch over to push the stroller.

  • High-Density rubber wheels for shock absorption. Great for those off road walks but not for jogging. I must say that it glides beautifully across many surfaces without feeling like you're losing control of the stroller.

  • Zip extendable Canopy for added shade. This is one of my favourite things about pram.

  • A single foot brake that is easy to operate and even holds very well on steeps.

  • One hand carry handle for easy maneuverability

  • Five-point safety harness which is always a must.

  • Detachable safety bar for easy entry and exit

  • Very compact when closed, even with the seat attached

  • The stroller opens up easily with one hand.

Needs work

  • No cup holder. This breastfeeding mom is always thirsty and the convenience of a cup holder would have been awesome. I have to put my water bottle in the shopping basket at the bottom.

  • The one hand closing motion can prove quite challenging and one has to jerk it a couple of times to get it to close.

  • I find it very hard to adjust the five-point harness straps. I am still trying to figure it out today still. Hopefully I'll get it right soon.

  • Even though the detachable safety bar is handy, I find it extremely difficult to re-attach it once removed and have left it at home several times because of this.


We currently have the 2in1 Stroller and Carry Cot Combo worth R9,999.00 but is currently retailing at R7,399.00. Is it worth the price tag, absolutely but only if you are going to use the carry cot consistently before baby outgrows it or wants to see the world out there. Honestly speaking, I would rather opt for the 2in1 Stroller and Maxi-Cosi Citi Car Seat and get more use out of it for an extra R500.

Would I recommend the Alfa Kids stroller to a friend? Yes. I find it very classy, comfortable and easy to use. It is timeless , looks beautiful (Instagram moms) and it sits baby from birth up to 36 months.

As a new kid on the block, Alfa Kids is an amazing stroller. It is very well put together and I think any parent would definitely love it.

Have you checked out or own the Alfa Kids Stroller? I would love to hear what your thoughts are on the stroller.

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