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HOW TO: Easter Bunny Surprise!

I made these easy and quick Easter Bunny packs for the boys with things I already had in the house since we can't go to the shops during this lockdown/social distancing period. The boys absolutely loved that the Easter Bunny brought them little gifts for being good and promised them something bigger if they keep on behaving.

You will need:

A candy bag (170x60x280)

String or ribbon of choice

Permanent marker

Craft glue



Cotton wool

Paper name tag

Easter eggs to fill bag

Eucalyptus/plant of choice (optional)

1. Draw the bunny ears ears using a pencil. I used a large bowl to trace even bunny ears.

2. Cut out bunny ears

3. Draw your bunny face onto the candy bag with a permanent marker.

4. Roll the cotton wool into a ball and stick it to the back of the candy bag with craft glue.

5. Add your Easter eggs/candy into the bag. Close it gently while making sure the ears are aligned. Tie your string/ribbon just under the bunny ears.

6. Tie the Eucalyptus or plant of choice onto the bunny.

7. String your name tag through and tie the string as desired.

And there you have it. A cute little Easter Bunny Surprise!

Happy Easter!


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