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Meet The Boys

This is Ronewa Mphafudi But we call him Ron or Ronnie.

He is our four year old child genius (so far). Ron talks, he talks all the time. He has an answer to everything. When I say an answer to everything, I mean very well thought out answers especially for a four year old. We are always in awe of the things that come out of his mouth.

Ronewa is all about numbers, puzzles, building blocks and youtube. However, his most favourite thing(s) in the entire world is transformers. He is totally obsessed with them. I think he might own all of them. He can name them all (there's a lot of them), tell you their fuctions and describe every kind of transformer toy there is and how many step changer it is, whether its battery operated or not and explain why he need to own every single one. 

Ron might not be in many of my photos (you'll suddenly start noticing it). He doesnt like it when I take photos. He says I take too many photos and it is exhausting him. If I am lucky, He'll let me snap a pic or two but its usually accompanied and a tongue out or a funny face. So, I take what I get. Beggars can't be choosers. Love this boy.

This kid right here is Lu. Lutendo Mphafudi.

Where do I even begin with this one. He is the firecracker in the family. He is the one keeping us on our toes. Did I mention he is about to turn two years old but he thinks he is as old as his older brother.  I've heard of the teriible two's but never of the terrorising two's. He is our Crazy Baby. My Lulu, he is my model. He absolutely loves the camera and knows how to work his angles. He does not say much, actually hes does but we can't understand most of it but he is a charmer. Always charming other moms who end up saying the would like a kid just like him.

So when Lu is around, we are not allowed to blink, if we blink, something breaks, someone gets hurt, the house might even burn down. He is an explorer, he explores even in places he should not. 

Lutendo is a bag full of all kinds of crazy fun. He still has a lot to learn and we are having tons of fun teaching him.

These are the boys. My babies. The ones who call me mama, mommy, mom, ma and Kera (Ronewa does).I hope you had fun meeting them,

Xxx Keratilwe M

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