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My Little Engino-eer In The Making

My little Engino-eer in the making. I am so excited to finally share more about Engino models that have kept Ronewa busy over th last few weeks. He has had the opportunity to play and learn with the most amazing model building toys ever. The Engino.

Ronewa is 6 years old and he learns fast and gets bored easily but he hasn't lost interest in putting together all the different Engino Inventor models of motorbikes, aircrafts and cars. He has also been enjoying the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) HEROES models which I thought would be a little bit too advanced for him but he took to them like a champ.

From the Aircraft Inventor models he has build a Sea Plane, an Acrobatic Aeroplane, a Jet and a Helicopter. From the 12 model bikes library his favourite models to build are the Custom Chopper, 12M Chopper and the Vespa and he also seems to have a couple favourites from the 12 in 1 cars models. The Targa, the Big Foot Jeep, convertible and Racer Back.

Then there are the STEM Heroes models and Ron has been learning a lot from two types of sets from this series. The Safari Park Set which offer him the opportunity to build and learn about 3 safari animals. The Silver Back Gorilla, an Elephant, and a a Steppe Eagle and he also has the scorpion set.

All the models can be build using the instruction manual or the Engino app which can be downloaded on both the Apple Store or on the Google Play Store. My kid is a little old school and seems to prefer the manual. The manual doesn't show all the models, so the app is definitely the way to go if you want to get the most out of Engino.

He is still enjoying hours of fun and learning with his Engino models and now he wants to advance and start exploring the Engino solar powered sets which are for slightly older kids but for now, we will wait a little while before we advance him to other models.

Want to learn more about the Engino? Visit their Facebook page

Engino sets are available from all Toyzone stores country wide.

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