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Natralogic | Natural Pregnancy Skincare Review

To be honest, I have never really given much thought about the products I use during pregnancy. I would normally apply whatever skin products have been using for years over my growing bump as long it stays moisturized and go on about my business. Then a couple of weeks ago I get an email from Lauren, the founder of Natralogic, which is a range of skincare products that are specifically formulated for use during pregnancy.

Okay, another pregnancy glow promising product out on the market! Then I rolled my eyes but kept reading the email.

Lauren stated  that all of their products are free of toxins and ingredients that are considered harmful to an unborn baby and contain only natural and organic ingredients of the highest quality.  This got my attention. I immediately open the Natralogic Instagram page and shortly after I clicked on their website link to read more on their range.

I learned a lot. I can't say I remember everything I read but I can certainly tell you that they got my attention. There I was thinking, I'm halfway into my 3rd pregnancy and I never knew this important information. I immediately realized I knew absolutely nothing about the ingredients that go into the products I've been applying on my skin daily especially during this important period of my life. I went back to finish reading my email from Lauren and I immediately contacted her regarding the Natralogic natural maternity skincare range for myself.

So before I tell you about my Natralogic experience, here is  a little bit of my pregnancy skin/stretch mark history.

Baby number one, I got really thick, navy blue stretcmarks on the sides of my waist, hips and upper thighs (by 25/26 weeks) which took forever to fade slightly. Baby number 2, I got a light stretchmarks just above my belly button (where my belly ring used to be) but nothing more around week 30 or so.

The Exfoliating Créme I have been gently massaging the exfoliating créme into my skin with every shower on my breasts, tummy, hips, bum and thighs (my stretch mark probe area) and it always leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft and it also feels very gentle on my skin.

The Exfoliating Créme is not only gentle on your skin but it's also environmentally friendly because it contains natural biodegradable jojoba wax and castor oil scrubbeads and not plastic microbeads.

The Tummy Créme

Personally, I love the texture of the Natralogic Tummy Créme and how it leaves my skin feeling nourished,  without it feeling greasy and it runs easily into the skin. The pump action bottle also helps with not over pouring. This is my favourite. I have been applying it on my stretchmark prone areas after every shower/bath and rubbing it around my belly button when I feel an itch (which is often) since it's been designed for prevention and correction of the appearance of stretchmarks during and after pregnancy. It smells very fresh too.

The Toning Massage Oil

My 6 year old always says I smell fantastic everytime I apply this Toning Massage Oil. It has very fresh citrus scent to it. I always massage it into my hips, buttocks and thighs once a day to keep my cellulite at bay. I can't say I have seen a difference just yet but this pregnancy isn't over and I will be using it long after.

The Natralogic Toning Massage Oil is scientifically designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite as well as tone, firm and restore moisture to your skin.

The Cooling Leg Gel

I am very fortunate that have never ever had swollen hands or feet during all my pregnancies. Even at my heaviest. So I haven't used the Cooling Gel just yet. However, I will keep it on hand for those last few weeks when I come back home with tired feet after running around the mall for my last minute baby shopping.

The Cooling Gel contains anti-inflammatory properties that improve circulation and reduce water retention for long lasting comfort during and after pregnancy.

The Nipple Créme

I also haven't used the Nipple Créme but I will most definitely be packing it into my hospital bag. I plan on breastfeeding my baby and from experience, nipple cream is a hospital and diaper bag essential.

The Natralogic Nipple Créme is 100% ultrapure lanolin that will help ease the discomfort of cracked sore nipples.

I have been very fortunate that Lauren sent me all the products in her Natralogic Maternity Skincare range to try and I'm not only loving how they feel on my skin but I'm enjoying the pleasant scent. As I have mentioned before, they have a fresh, relaxing, spa-like, citrus scent to them.

Okay, now I'm 29 weeks into my third pregnancy and I have been using the Natralogic Skincare range a little over 2 weeks (day and night) and I'm loving my skin. I haven't seen any new stretchmarks up to now and my skin feels very soft, smooth and hydrated. by the way, I naturally have extremely dry skin but I have been happy with my skin since using these products. I no longer have constant cracked skin.

My take on the Natralogic Maternity Skincare Range is that it is a range that helps to naturally take care of your growing skin through this beautiful journey of pregnancy into motherhood without the harmful ingredients and toxins coming into contact with your skin or your unborn baby and without harming our environment or cruelty to animals. A definite before, during and after pregnancy must have.

Have you heard of Natralogic before? Which product was your favourite? Make sure you visit their website for more information and follow their Instagram and Facebook pages.

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