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Our Family Safari Trip

One Wednesday evening my husband and I decided that we needed a little family getaway. Right there and then we began web searching for places that would be family friendly. Especially for a young family. We found a little gem near the Pilanesburg Game Reserve and we made a reservation the very next day for the Friday. It was just perfect for our little family.

At the time, we did'nt have an SUV so we decided to rent one and brave out the roadtrip with the kids. We did'nt know how Lu and Ron were going to be in their carseats for hours but we were pleasantly suprised when they both seemed to be enjoying the scenic route and the snacks in the car. Ron Also entertained himself with his tablet. Mom tip: Always pack your kids favourites snacks, even for short trips.

The drive was great, and hubby drove all the way while I jammed with the kids in the car.

Finally we arrived and had a perfect get away and it was beautiful. We had a fantastic time. Now everytime we go there Ronewa asks, "Are we going to our bush house?" He loves it there.

Here are a few pics of our family safari experience.

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