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The Sleep Wars

I'm exhausted and so is my husband. Actually, I think he is more exhausted than I am. He puts the kids to sleep in the evenings when he gets back from work and if/when they wake up in the middle of the night.

We used to have great sleeping arrangements when Lutendo was a baby but thats shot to sh!#. We planned and decorated a nursery room for Lutendo to sleep in during the daytime and we placed another small cot bed in our bedroom for the night time. It worked out very well especially because I was breastfeeding. We set up a car themed bedroom for Ronewa and always spoke about how great his big boy bedroon was and what a big boy he is for sleeping in his bedroom.

Somewhere, somehow everybody has landed up in our bed. Lu would wake up several times during the night in his cot bed in our bedroom demanding to sleep in our bed and of course we let him. Hubby needed to get to work and a screaming baby is the last thing one wants in the middle of the night. Yes, I know, we taught him that its okay to sleep in our bed. Due to Lu night screams, Ron would wake up and pay us a visit and also climb into our bed. 

We felt so squashed, we ended up buying a bigger bed so we could all fit and sleep comfortably. Guess what, we were still squashed. After many nights convincing ourselves that we can do it (toddlers are scary, especially when theyre tired and cranky), we started putting Lu to sleep in his own bedroom with persistance and patience. YAY! It worked. He finally slept in his bedroom and we started a rewards system with Ron for sleeping in his bedroom. 

Finally! We could sleep through the night without a foot in the face. We loved it. Well, that joy was short lived. We're all back in the same bed again. I'm Laughing. They keep coming back. When Lu sleeps in our bed, Ron appears in the middle of the night and also climbs into our bed. He moves Lu away from whichever spot he would like to sleep on and passes out.

And we're back to one! I must say, I do enjoy the mornig snuggles with the boys but they have to go. So again we start.

Xxx Keratilwe M

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